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I found your web site a month or two ago on Google when I was searching for Christian podcasts/online sermons, wanting to find something that dug a little deeper into God than what is typically preached on Sunday mornings. I grew up in the church and am a twenty-something who has clung to the faith but also has had years of struggle through college and after with connecting to a church and figuring out exactly what I believe.

Though I now have a home church, I still find that there’s a lack of intellectual discussion and teaching on scripture, and I find myself wanting more. Listening to these podcasts has given me a greater understanding (and yet greater awareness of my lack of understanding!) as well as a deeper love and awe for God and who He is. It’s refreshing to see your group tackling issues and concepts that the church seems to avoid.

Indianapolis, Indiana

I’ve only recently discovered the podcasts but since I have, I’ve eagerly devoured a number of your wonderful thought provoking and convicting studies. I just can’t stop raving about your podcasts to my fellow believers. The range and relevancy of topics you cover is such a blessing to hear being discussed, and I pray for your groups endurance and longevity!

Los Angeles, California

We have been listening to exoduspodcasts at home with my parents and brother … and it’s really helped us. We kick back, stream it on the Apple TV and pretend we’re sitting with you guys in the sessions.

Pause it, have a discussion about some of the questions people ask from the audience, and play it back again. It’s been really refreshing and specially that the topics your discuss are so relative to what we’re going through. Also, my dad has been using some pointers from your messages for his sermons, as he has been doing a series about prayer and the strength of prayer.

Keep going! We love it and it’s encouraging us to start our own mini exodus- style bible study here very soon! We love the fact that you have this group of people that come, get refreshed, get encouraged to go back to their churches and be stewards with their time and money there.

Aman, Jordan

Hello, my name is Wil and I live in Stone Mountain, GA. I am 48 yrs old, husband of 22 yrs and father of 3 boys 19, 16, and 13 yrs. I want to thank you and your group for opening up the Word of God and Christianity like no other teacher and group I’ve ever heard. I discovered Exodus by searching for a way to get our 3 boys focused on Christ. They have a surfer type youth pastor at our church and I couldn’t seemed to connect with the boys.

One Saturday night after praying, I began to look online for books and other recourses that I could use. I saw and listened to several speakers – pretty much the same format, same approach etc. I then click on your link and began to listen. I was quickly captivated by the open forum. I then thought, this is exactly what we all need.

The family sat down early Sunday morning with the iPod and sound system to hear the “How to Ruin your Life by 40” podcast. My boys were immediately engaged and listened attentively to the entire segment. My wife and I were able to reconnect with our children and we have maintained our connection with them till this day. I want to thank you all for restoring that area of life in our family. I hope to get out there one day to witness a discussion in person and thank you all in person for what you have done.

My boys now tell me, “Thanks for keeping it real dad”

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Thank you for the Exodus Podcasts!

I have been tearing through them the last week or two. They have been life changing. Thank you so much for your preparation of each topic and for sharing the audio files.

I’ve recommended the podcasts to many of my friends here! My feedback would be it would be nice to have the names of the books you recommend for reading on the series pages so listeners can look them up if interested. Thanks again and God bless.

Columbus, Ohio

Hey everyone at Exodus team, love what you are doing and enjoy listening to the podcasts at work.

You are appreciated and would love to hangout with everyone who comments, most likely this will take place in heaven. Keep up the great work Exodus!!!

Chicago, Illinois

Hello, I just want to thank you all for making this possible. I have spent the better part of the last year listening to all of the podcasts in an effort to strengthen my faith in God and humanity. I love them all thus far and am glad that there is finally somewhere people like myself can turn for the much needed feedback on certain topics and how they are interpreted. Although I have tons of questions and comments, I will just submit one or two for now. 🙂

I truly wish I could move up north and be apart of this great Exodus ministry.

San Diego, California

I have listened to several of your podcasts at and have really enjoyed them (God’s Will and How to Ruin Life by 40). Keep up the great work. It is a good thing.

Denver, Colorado

I am listening in from Minnesota. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon you website, but am glad I did. I’m always looking for ways to deepen my faith and understanding.  I was just looking at the website and probably will listen to some of the other series.

Keep up the good work. Sounds like you have a good group of people there.


I have been listening to the Bible & Science podcasts and really enjoy them. You have a very engaging teaching style. I live in Houston and work for NASA Johnson Space Center. I heard on one of the podcasts that you worked at JPL if I remember correctly. Cool! What did you do while you were there?

I think I stumbled across your podcasts while searching for Creation/ Evolution or Apologetics podcasts on iTunes. I’ve been interested in Apologetics off and on for a while, and have been attending the local Reasons to Believe Chapter meetings here in town. Glad you incorporated some of Dr. Hugh Ross’ material in your presentations. What pushed me into learning more about the whole Creation/Evolution subject was when a co-worker asked me questions I couldn’t answer.

Houston, Texas

I’ve been in a spiritual rut for a very long time, and at a friend’s suggestion, I decided to look for sermon podcasts and I’m so glad I did! It’s great because I can listen to them at work, get my work done, and receive the spiritual uplifting it brings at the same time.

I’ve only listened to the Hearing God series so far, but I’m already enjoying the benefits of this extra spiritual injection. It brings up a lot of good points, and it’s something I’ve been wondering about for some time. I’ve been asking God for some direction for some time, and hearing all the good points you bring up have been helping me to reassess my approach. One of the best parts is being able to hear other peoples’ input on the topic. It’s great to know that there are other people (albeit on the opposite side of the country) that are struggling with the same things as me!

Hearing the collaboration of your group has encouraged me to join my own small group here. I was attending a men’s group from my church until they stopped meeting a few months ago. None of the other groups appealed to me until I heard about a young adults group that started up on Tuesdays. Thanks again for what your group does! It is providing encouragement in ways you probably would never have guessed!

I don’t know if this group still meets, but if so I just wanted to say thank you for the extra work it takes to edit and upload these podcasts. I really appreciate it!

Harrisonburg, Virginia

My name is Teddy and for the past several months I have been enjoying your podcasts. I have been a youth pastor in Mississippi for seven years and, being 26, few churches out here teach in a way that is not only in tune with how I best think and absorb information, but also know how to walk that fine line between presenting the Scriptural information and showing me how to personally apply with while allowing the Holy Spirit to apply it further.

You are a wonderful teacher of Scripture and I thank you for allowing God to use you in this capacity. As I have almost finished listening to all of the podcasts, I have noticed no new ones have been posted in a while. Either that or I am just looking in the wrong places. If you are still posting, please send me the link to the latest ones. If not, I will simply start all over. All your lessons are worth listening to again. Thanks again and I am praying for you brother.


3 days ago I did a Google web search and that is how I found your ministry. I am blessed to be able to put on my ear buds on from my MP3 player and listen while I work. I love your program and it helps me make it through the day. Thank you. I pray for your ministry and your students and I ask that you please pray for me. I am still far away from cured but I give God all the credit to where I have come from now.

Denton, Texas

Indeed, you are an impressive theologian and logician. Those in your ministry are blessed to have you as one of their speakers (and conversely, you by them).

First, I must, thank you for your series on Science and Scripture. Although I worked indirectly at Caltech (as a consultant to JPL, in Pasadena, California), I’d never heard of Dr. Hugh Ross until I listened to your podcasts. I was previously able to reconcile the billions of years of creation and the Bible through Einstein’s special relativity. But Dr. Ross offers a completely refreshing alternative using a more plausible interpretation of the Hebrew word for “day”. I must admit, that I would consider myself an “Old-Earth Creationist,” since that revelation by Dr. Ross’ ministry.

I am listening in from Minnesota. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon you website, but am glad I did. I’m always looking for ways to deepen my faith and understanding.  I was just looking at the website and probably will listen to some of the other series.

But, your point was especially (and personally) well taken: Were it not for much of the inflexible, albeit well intentioned dogma that has permeated Christianity, I can only imagine those who might otherwise embrace God’s Word through Scripture. Perhaps that’s something even more necessary for those educated in the theoretical sciences. My now deceased father (2008) could have been one of them, and so I must pray that the Lord will give him another chance. He was both a mathematician and physicist. I recently finished preparing a book from his manuscript on Geodetics (geodesy and geophysics). Sadly, he became disillusioned by the “foolishness of all religions” largely due to the rigors imposed by Catholicism – a prerequisite for his marriage to my (Catholic) mother. Worse, my mother now rejects her own salvation through Christ as the result of his death!

I passed along Randy Alcorn’s book “If God Is Good …” – something else I learned from your podcasts – as a means of changing her mind, but no such luck. I wonder if you might have any advice for me in this regard?

Thank you again for your work. I suspect your podcasts reach a larger audience than you realize.

Henderson, Nevada

I’m very appreciative of Exodus. It was a little over two years ago that I stumbled upon your podcasts, which drew me back into a relationship with our Lord (after being AWOL for twenty years). I typically spend an hour or two a day studying the word and reading commentaries now, but I still find your podcasts to be some of the most thought provoking stuff I come across.

Chicago, Illinois

Since stumbling onto your website, I’ve been continually challenged and blessed by working through the topics and considering where I find myself in situations where I would’ve previously balked at even considering. What a breath of fresh air!

I have to say that listening to the recordings is terribly bittersweet. It’s sweet in that I’ve never encountered such an open forum talking about the things you guys are talking about and coming the heart of the matter even if there isn’t a definitive answer in the end. I think sometimes just actually uttering that issue is just as releasing as having an answer for it because keeping it to oneself becomes such a burden. I think this is also one of the most edifying things I’ve listened to. When you listen to sermons or other group discussions, there’s often an agenda somewhere or a dominance or personalities that take over. It becomes a debate – a clash of minds to see who is the smartest at arguing – and the quest for the answer quickly becomes discarded. I’ve had so much bad muck and theology wiped away from listening to Exodus. My culture is very Calvanistic/fatalistic (even if I don’t know completely what even that all entails)… and I was surprised how much Gnostic teaching had even creeped up in my reasoning.

At the same time (and maybe because of how much it’s confronted me) there’s that hint of bitter. You know that many of this issues the Exodus group takes on actually carry a lot of pain in them. They’re concepts that have been used to divide and judge and mangle people to pieces. It’s things people have left Christianity over. I keep encountering Christians in whom I can spot those hints of uncertainty and fear and keep thinking how fantastic it would be if one could actually sit down like that and discuss stuff. I realise that it’s a lack of knowledge and ultimately trust. We know what we know even when we don’t know how we came by that information. But when you really delve into concepts, you often come up short in terms of the knowledge to put things forward. Because of that lack, we’re afraid to stretch out and acknowledge even our own fears and insecurities. Then there’s the problem of looking for information and worrying about what the agendas of the authors are.

And the moment you start opening those issues, you often find a deep sense of distrust. So many times, you tell the group ‘Write down your questions’. Every time you do that, I sit and wonder by myself whether people this side of the world would even have the courage to do that. We’ve been so brainwashed into not asking, not challenging… and sometimes even on a deeper level… we’re afraid to ask questions because we fear the answers we’ll find. We’re afraid that we’ll find ourselves not being able to follow God because what we’ll learn will somehow prove He’s not there – even if that is contrary to all the facts we already have accumulated in our little memory bins.

It is because of all this that I’m actually so thankful of having discovered you guys. I would most likely have been one of the more quiet ones in Exodus, just sitting, listening, making notes and ducking every time you asked a question  but it’s really been very edifying to my own walk with God. It’s so easy to just become a neutral, apathetic Christian who offers no resistance and gives no answers … and it’s groups like these that keeps one out of that trap.

Thank you for all your time and effort in making this resource available online. I absolutely love the fact that I can sit here in South Africa and listen to the material, find something extraordinary to share with my brother in London and tell my sister-in-Christ up there in Toronto to have a look at. Talk about building up the body of Christ.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I just wanted to quickly send you a little encouragement. My name is Jamie and I have recently been at a low point in my faith and just been unable to answer some questions that I had about my own faith and the validity of the bible. Being a first year University student, there is a lot going on in my life that seems to be doing its best to pull me away from God. One day as I was searching for answers to my questions, I came across your podcasts on iTunes and it seemed that almost every one of the sermons online were on a question of which I was struggling with. I don’t believe for a second that this was a coincidence. I downloaded almost all of them just a couple days ago and I’m already in Part 6 of Reconciling Science and the Bible. I listen to them on the way to and from school (as it is a 30 minute drive) and I cannot seem to wait throughout the day until I can listen to the next one. It is such an encouragement to me to hear first thing in the morning and I feel as though you are such a gifted speaker.

I’ve told many of my Christian friends about your podcasts as well and hope they reap the same benefits that I myself have already. I cannot wait to hear the next couple sermons and start another series. You have truly made a huge impact on me, and I thank you for that.

Ontario, Canada

I just found your podcast. I LOVE IT!!!! I have listened to almost all of the podcasts, which have both challenged and made strong my standing and faith in Jesus as my Lord and saviour. In particular the podcast on homosexuality and the creation series were interesting and of benefit to me. I listen to the podcasts whilst driving to and from work, even at night before I go to sleep. I hope that you will be placing more talks and series on the internet soon.

Praise the LORD God. Your brother in Australia,

Sydney, Australia

I am a member of the virtual Exodus community who lives in Ithaca, NY currently. I have listened to nearly all of your sessions on my MP3 player while doing my manual labor job. Today I was listening to the series on What NonChristians Think About Christianity. I always seem to have questions about the session or comments I would like to add, but clearly I’m pretty far away to just stop in on a Sunday evening.

Ithica, New York

It has been a joy to listen to the podcast online, streamed, while I drive my delivery truck in the morning. I would love to have the opportunity to join your class, but I live in Cincinnati Ohio.

Thanks again for the challenging classes. It is such a blessing.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi, my name is Kevin. I’m from Pasadena, TX a suburb of Houston. I just found your website and I think it’s pretty amazing.

I finished the series on God’s Will and you’re not kidding about feeding your minds. I hope everyone who is a part of Exodus appreciates what a blessing it is. I graduated from Concordia University at Austin in 2006 and since then really miss having an intimate group of people to traverse the Word of God.

The series on God’s Will was pretty eye-opening. I guess I had always followed the traditional view that God has this set plan for each life though when it came down to the little details, like where to eat dinner. The revelation that there isn’t this spiritual sweet spot to be in is a relief.

For about a year now I have been struggling, figuring out what to do with my life career wise. And like I said, it’s a relief to know that God doesn’t have this amazing plan that I am totally messing up. At the same time though I can’t just sit here, do nothing and just wait for God to show up and tell me “OK Kevin, do this.” He might eventually, but where you talk about the moral will of God, I really enjoyed that. I decided to take you up on your challenge as well and just yesterday spoke with a volunteer coordinator at a local women’s shelter about opportunities they have. Honestly I’m still not sure what to do, but I hope and pray to be a good steward of the time and gifts God has given me. I just really want to hear God say that to me one day, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

The discussions and lessons sound great and I wish I could be there to be a part of it. Ha ha, Texas is so far though. But thanks so much for posting this online and if you do have any book recommendations please let me know. I was wondering, also, as I listen and take in everything you guys talk about, would you mind if I write from time to time with comments or questions?

Pasadena, Texas

My name is Brian and I really enjoy your podcasts. Thanks for your hard work and study of the word to make it easier for others to learn. I love the format – it’s so open and engaging. I’m hoping that this brings all ages together an fires up their minds.

Thank you for your time and great teaching.

Plymouth, Wisconsin

Hi! My name is Jamie. I live in Kansas City, MO and I discovered your podcasts a few months ago. I work full time and go to school full time, so I can’t always go to church. I was searching for sermons or something online to listen to and stumbled upon these. I just wanted to let you guys know that I love them (I can’t even tell you how much I love them!), and I have learned so much from them. They have helped me understand some really hard topics in Christianity and I’m so glad I found them. I’m especially enjoying the series we’re doing now about suffering.

I just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU!!!!’ and send some support to say keep it up! I hope I can listen to these for a long, long time!

Kansas City, Missouri

I live in SW Georgia and have been listening to your podcasts online. I have been wrestling with the idea of predestination, particularly as it is found in Romans 9. Paul’s idea seems to be that God is justified in saving only those he chooses, while the rest are damned to Hell. He compares God to a potter, making one chunk of clay into a work of art and another into a toilet. While this seems reasonable for a potter, it seems awfully harsh when applied to human beings, even though we are ultimately dust.

Anyway, I’d love to hear some teaching and discussion on this topic.


John, I have to tell you, I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old and I have heard many teachers of the Word, but its been a long time since I have so thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from a teacher! I have spent a good portion of my life singing in a Southern California gospel quartet (The Crownsmen) and have probably visited every denomination out there and heard hundreds of teachers/preachers, but not very many that are as candid and honest as what you present. I just LOVE listening to your podcasts. I have already been through the heaven series and am starting on the prayer series and feel that I am really learning something…you tackle those questions that we all think, but are afraid to voice.

Thanks for doing what you do! I am a big fan.

Walnut, California

It was great finally meeting you guys after listening online. It’s funny because sometimes I found myself listening with my eyes closed and matching up people’s voices with other discussions they previously led. I felt like I knew some of the people already.

Overall the experience was great! It’s more intimate than I imagined. I think that the topics discussed in Exodus are thought provoking and keeps me in touch with God on an intellectual level. And I have to say I’m impressed with all of the lectures you present. Sometimes I think about all of the research you must have to do before you get up in front of us and it’s very impressive. The way you break things down and your ability to teach on such difficult subject matter shows that you have a great gift!

Sherman Oaks, California

I wish I had something more coherent to say, but I have just finished listening to three of your podcasts and I am blown away and excited to listen to as many as are available. *Thank you* for putting out such thoughtful discussion and being so gentle and respectful. Your work is truly exciting and inspiring.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Hey, I’ve been listening to the past few days…and I’m assuming you’re the main speaker. I just googled to see if I could find more info about you. I just thought I’d let you know that what your doing is amazing. I love hearing you speak and have dialog with the students. It is really neat to listen to!

Metropolitan, Missouri

My name is Brandy and I have recently “e-stumbled” onto your podcasts after Googling “non-denominational podcasts” a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful I think Exodus Podcasts are and if I lived there (even though I may have to be a “senior” attendee as I am 32….ha ha); I would definitely want to attend.

The first series that caught my eye was “How NonChristians view Christianity”, and I must tell you, I have been sucked in ever since. I now listen to them daily at work. Your discussion forum and teaching style have truly given me more insight into the hidden truths (“gold nuggets” as I like to call them) in The Word.

I just want to say thank you so much for sharing them on the web. I’m sure that I am one of many that are truly blessed to have found the site. Give the Exodus group a big “Hello from Georgia”… (make sure you use the GA twang…ha ha)!

Atlanta, Georgia

Just wanted to let you know your podcasts have been a big part of my return to Christ! I will also be greatful that I “stumbled” on them. Many thanks and keep up the great work!

Orlando Park, Illinois

First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel and I live in Costa Rica (located in Central America just above Panama). A few weeks back I discovered your podcasts while looking for sources where I could learn more about Christianity. I was raised in the Catholic faith. A couple of years ago after some situations in my life I wanted to learn more about God and what being a Christian really meant. This resulted in me and my wife becoming members of an evangelical church.

After some time of reading the bible and trying to look at things from God’s perspective, I’ve become aware of the gigantic task I’ve decide to take on, which has led me to search for new sources of information which in turn resulted in me finding your podcast. I am very glad to have found your group’s discussions because they have made me think about topics that I hadn’t thought about or didn´t want to think about (like how could God send people to Hell) but have resulted in me reconsidering many aspects of my life.

Thank you for your time and may God bless all of you

Costa Rica

I just wanted to say that I feel so blessed to have found your podcast studies on I wanted to take some time and write to you and say thank you for all your hard work in bringing this to the public. I have told so many people about your studies and hope that many of them are now listening in. I’ve even gotten my 13 year old daughter to start listening in as she’s growing up in a Mormon dominated area. The talks on human sexuality in the Christian church have been wonderful for her as well.

I’ve lived here in Idaho Falls, ID my entire life and have been faced with multiple challenges throughout my entire 34 years living here. Idaho Falls is predominantly Mormon based and it makes it very tough not only in my line of work (see below for the obvious) but also in the lives of all the children that grow up here and attend the heavily Mormon based schools as well. Finding a resource such as yours is very inspiring to say the least!

Anyway, thanks for everything that you are doing and please keep up the good work. You are providing an invaluable recourse for Christians… especially in these troubled times.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

I am studying ‘Heaven,’ I find your presentation very helpful. I am situated in Europe The Netherlands. Thank you very much for your podcasts. God bless you and your ministry.

The Netherlands

I have listened to almost all the recordings on the Exodus web page and I have enjoyed the presentations very much. I find your work to be well thought out and challenging. You hit on key topics to the Christian life that I’m sure a lot of people struggle with. I myself have spent a lot of time reflecting on the thoughts you present and it has been helpful to my faith.

Upland, California