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Participate, ask questions, talk back…

We started with a simple proposition.  What if one-way dialog was not the best way to grow deeper and more mature in our faith?  After all, we are better able to learn and grow when we talk things out, hear different points of view, and give room for the Spirit to speak through our deliberation.  So we decided to open up the discussion and listen to what everyone had to say.

Exodus Interactive Forum is a Christian teaching forum where we allow participants to stop the discussion at any time to talk back: participate, ask questions, offer opinions, raise objections and even challenge the presentation. We believe there is no better way to wrestle openly and honestly with the issues we face as Christians.

We also believe the Holy Spirit can speak through all participants, not just the discussion leader. We see this model of deliberation among the early apostles in the Book of Acts.  And we see it play out in our group.  Often, despite hours of preparation by one of our discussion leaders, the most salient points are raised by one of the participants as we dialogue together.  A question or comment from a participant will many times yield a profound insight that would have been lost had that person remained silent.

One way communication often obscures the questions, emotions and struggles that we face as Christians because when we sit and passively listen, we have no way to vocalize the issues that are preventing us from receiving, understanding and agreeing with the message.  There is no more honest way to evaluate what is going on in our own hearts and minds than to have the freedom to interact with the speaker while the discussion is still ongoing, and while there is still a chance to address those issues and receive input from others.

Throughout these podcasts, we tried to take great care to select topics which were not covered in much depth by most churches, as well as topics about which many Christians have significant questions.  And since the comments and questions from participants are such an important part of the discussion, we did our best to record both the discussion leader and the participants so that you can listen to the entire experience as it unfolds.  We pray that the Spirit moved one of the participants to ask a question or make a comment that you would have contributed had you been there on that particular night.  Even so, we always welcome you to send us your own thoughts through our website.

If you find these podcasts helpful to your own journey in the Christian faith, consider passing them along to others who might also benefit from this unique resource.  May God bless you and draw you closer to Christ.