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PowerPoint Updates

PowerPoint Updates

Over the years, we’ve received repeated requests from our online listeners for access to the PowerPoint slides that accompany each of our podcasts, and many times we have emailed them directly to those who were looking to use them. One of the great features built into the redesigned site is the ability to add these slides as part of each series.  Now that the new site is live, we are gradually uploading the slides for each of our podcasts.  So far, we’ve uploaded slides for each of the following series:

  • Questions About Salvation
  • Rediscovering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew – Volume 4
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Christian Views on Hell
  • Identifying Idols in Our Lives
  • Troubling Images of God in the Old Testament
  • Recovering Christian Hospitality
  • The Purpose of the Local Church
  • Hearing God
  • How Should Christians Relate to Culture and Society?
  • The Origin of the Bible
  • Examining Evangelism
  • Stewardship – An Update to Our Money Series
  • The Mystery of God’s Will
  • Learning to Pray the Lord’s Prayer
  • Questions About Prayer
  • Rediscovering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew – Volume 3
  • Taking Your Faith Private
  • The Final Series
  • Why Does God Allow Suffering and Evil
  • Sex in the Body of Christ
  • Rediscovering Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew – Volume 2

We will update this list as more slides are added online.  We hope that you’ll find the visuals helpful as part of your ongoing journey with Exodus Podcasts.

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